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alice. south african but has spent the past several years between cape town, paris, florence, and new york. 21 years old. likes musical instruments made of wood, a single ginger cat, rooibos tea, scones, and figs. francophile interested in poetry, literature, food, photography, theatre, film, music, and people who make/do all those things. sometimes likes to run in fields and forests. currently figuring out how art can make an impact in the world. lover of sundays and breakfast. despiser of the sensation of cotton balls pulling apart. hoarder of note due to overdramatic tendencies and an extreme fear of forgetting. still learning.
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I’m in a bookshop right now, and I’m having a surreal moment, because I’ve been in here for more than 45 minutes now and every song they’ve played so far is on one of my 8tracks playlists. I’m 90% sure. all of them are circa 2012 the paris part, and this is arguably a form of troublesome time travel. what is going on?! I mean, middle distance runner by sea wolf is quite a particular song..?

in here trying to buy my friend the new murakami book, so I can convince her it is a good idea to temporarily ditch her family in england and take a four and a half hour train ride to edinburgh for the sole purpose of attending his book signing. this is so important. people need to understand. I’m going to get her to do this, no matter what it takes.

(really hope she doesn’t see this post before I see her)


Our Earth is peppered with some 20,000 tons of stardust a year. Scanned from Wonderland of Science. 1930s.


Our Earth is peppered with some 20,000 tons of stardust a year. Scanned from Wonderland of Science. 1930s.

What advice do you have for a 14 year old girl?



This is so vague I love it. The voices you are hearing are real, god is speaking to you. The nation of France needs you. Don your armor, take up arms, lead the French army. This is your destiny, joan. When the flames come for you let them lick your bones and laugh.


please never stop believing that you can change the world

june/july/august playlist (because songs are good at reminding):

  • medecine - daughter (bringing it back)
  • firewood - regina spektor
  • bittersweet genesis for him and her - kishi bashi
  • chandelier - sia
  • home - ingrid michaelson
  • over you - ingrid michaelson feat. a great big world
  • about today - the national
  • another story - the head and the heart
  • airplanes - local natives
  • who knows who cares - local natives
  • the ballad of john and yoko - the beatles (for car rides)
  • shoot the moon - norah jones
  • postcards from italy - beirut
  • q & a - kishi bashi
  • after the curtain - beirut
  • in fantasia - kishi bashi (the song I listened to in my hazy stage after everyone left florence, and I walked around the boboli gardens for three hours listening to this song)

[in no particular order. some are from italy, some from england & scotland, and some are from home]

tavia on her new beanbag chair looking all red.

vegetable baby.

recent events/updates worthy of sharing on the internet:

  • a cherry blossom tree at the bottom of our garden near our gate is growing little pink blossoms again. my friend’s little garden also has a plum tree that is blossoming. blossoms are a sign of changing seasons, coinciding with my final days in cape town and the lead up to senior year in nyc. it’s all so symbolic I can’t handle it
  • I took a disposable camera I used in florence and norway for development, and I could only remember having taken two photographs on it, so most of them were a nice surprise and a reminder of warm memories
  • the audition went well, so now it’s just a waiting game. the nicest part was that I got to see a lot of my friends again, because we all sort of belong to the cape town theatre world, and regardless of whatever happens, it was great to just hang out as we waited for our turn with goofy people who are just perpetually hilarious and encouraging and lovely. the audition became an opportunity to reunite.
  • my godfather gave me a canon eos 3 as a belated 21st gift, and I’m so shocked and grateful??!!?!! and now I need to stock up on film!!
  • today I went to the biscuit mill and saw a baby in a cardboard box among some vegetables (highlight)
  • also bought macarons and beetroot salad and good iced coffee and a nuttie smoothie and sat in the sun and helped my friend try on dresses
  • and isla fisher was there, because a whole lot of celebrities are here at the moment, and it’s weird but cool
  • I bought a tiny plant for my bedroom, and I’ve redecorated it slightly, so it feels more like current me (as opposed to former me, when we moved here while I was away at college freshman year, and I just sort of put things in places haphazardly)
  • last night I went out to dinner with the ‘rents and a family friend, and the meal was incredible?! it’s a tapas style restaurant, and I got to try everything from deep fried milk with green curry to sweet potato and coconut dumplings to aubergine tempura
  • in the wise words of my friend lindsay, “every day is about 4 hours too short”


Chandelier by Sia (Acoustic)

pair of pictures from today (proof that it happened)

major nostalgia dose for this simple moment:

friends. brussels. we’d just bought waffles, and we were eating them in coats out on the cold street. paper plates. chocolate dripping on our shoes occasionally. hope existed more than ever before. that’s why it was a good moment.

and then we finished our waffles.